Minutes appeal I.S.U.

Permits and licenses relating to fire safety are issued inspectorates, later than 30 days after filing, as provided in the rules for the approval and authorization fire safety.

Our office can assist and represent to obtain avizlui / authorization fire safety.

In case you have not complied with the requirement to obtain the approval / authorization safety to fire and you've compiled a record of the contravention, You may file a complaint against it within 15 days after handing over or communication.

In this case, we require the cancellation of the minutes and, concomitant, We will ask the court, about injunctions, as the sentence which will decide to suspend the sanction complementary operation consisting of stopping your activity, to resolve the complaint against the contravention report. Injunction is the only institution required by law to prevent any damage and quick fix file.

Our office can help performing the steps necessary for the fair settlement of your case, providing you with quality legal services:
• drafting main claim – appeal to the minutes and recording file for court, drafting and welcome response to other acts of procedure;
• presidential ordinance drafting and registration file for court;
• legal advice on the deployment process;
• assistance and representation before competent courts of law;
• writing demand remedies, if applicable;
• drafting objectives expertise and objections to the audit report, if applicable;
• acts specific activities.

The applicable law is the law no contesting the minutes. 307 from 12/07/2006 on protection against fire and Government Ordinance No.2 / 2001 on the legal regime of contraventions