If you are a Romanian citizen and you have been involved in a car accident in Italy, resulting in personal injury, then you . or your family have the right to request material and / or moral compensations for the damage that you suffered.

We, in the unfortunate situation that a close member of your family. died in a car accident in Italy, you have the right to request compensations for you suffering caused by committing an illegal act.

Our most important purpose is to provide help for those injured - bodily and mentally - result of car accidents and we take care that the compensation for you suffering to be fair.

We are the representatives of car accidents victims in the event of serious injury, or, as appropriate, victims' family in case of death, for the fair , full and prompt compensations pay.

Our team is composed of professionals with experience in areas such as:

management, insurance / compensation, legal, technical, forensic, psychological etc., and we will always be at your disposal. throughout our collaboration.

The biggest problem that can occur regarding an accident in Italy it is related to knowledge of foreign languages (i.e. Italian), so, people in this situation can have difficulty communicating with individuals and / or institutions involved in the unfortunate event.

Our law office is closely working with a company from Italy, with extensive experience in obtaining material and / or moral compensations, and, thus, oour clients were entirely satisfied with the timeliness of the obtained results - to the extent that you can be for a compensation related to the suffering caused by injury / loss of a parent, a wife or a child.

Our office can provide you the necessary assistance to obtain the compensations , and the fee will be paid only when we effectively obtain the compensations. Settlement of all services offered will be made only after the compensation payment , as commission (success fee).

We come to your home. anywhere in Romania - to offer advice and support. We, we empathize with your suffering. and we want that your involvement . to be minimal, : the costs related to transportation from Italy in Romania the deceased (if applicable), services of lawyers, collaborators doctors opinions, forensic and technical expertise, travel and consulting specialists are included in the success fee.