In case you were involved in an car accident in Romania, then you are entitled to request material and / or moral compensations for the damage that you suffered.

For the accidents involving personal injury, the material and / or moral compensations may be requested even by the injured person, as well as his/her family , and for accidents involving death, the moral and/or material compensations can be claimed by the family of the deceased.

We know that soul pain has no price, however, it is totally justified the grant of compensations to the people whose family and social life opportunities / future were shattered by the result of illegal acts committed by others. These compensations are awarded to create living conditions to alleviate, aught, the psychological suffering of the victim / the family.

If you wish to obtain compensations (material and / or moral) from the responsible persons by production of an accident resulting in bodily injury / death, our advice is to call a lawyer since the criminal proceedings stage. Those may be:

- individuals;
- legal entities (i.e. institutions that have the responsibility to ensure road safety - such as, but not limiting to: the Romanian state institutions or private companies specialized etc.) or your insurer . (i.e R.C.A. or C.A.S.C.O),
All the files are meticulous and professionally examined by joint teams made up of both lawyers, and from customer support. Our team carefully follows each stage of proceedings: the forensic expert, at the terms of the court and, moreover, ensure conducting additional research on the dynamics of the accident.