You are accused or defendant in a criminal case or the criminal? This is not equivalent to being found guilty and sentenced by a court.

Our law office offers:

• Legal advice, assistance and representation in criminal prosecution phase, the trial, and during the execution of penalties for offenses under the Penal Code and special laws (Law 143/2000 on combating illicit drug trafficking and , the law 241/2005 for the prevention and combating tax evasion;
• Drafting and support criminal complaints for people who have suffered material injury / moral injuries after committing crimes
• The Legal assistance that we provide targets also the criminal cases in the phase of appeal , or recourse, as well as review procedures.
• We guarantee our clients the best legal services and will cause personified treating with maximum efficiency and diligence.

Tax evasion / Money laundering

We provide legal representation in criminal cases complex business, such as :

  • tax evasion;
  • money laundering;
  • corruption offenses;

We, offer legal support necessary to write any type of criminal complaint.
You get expert advice if prior anti-fraud investigations and internal investigations.
We will guide the investigation staff / your business partners given that there is a suspicion of economic crimes, an act of deception, embezzlement, even defrauding your company.