Insolvency Cabinet "Tamara Lenz" offers consultancy in procedures:

  • Preinsolvency;
  • Voluntary dissolution and cancellation - no liquidator appointment;
  • Voluntary Dissolution and Deletion Society - Appointed by the liquidator;
  • Judicial reorganization;
  • Connected services

We offer you the optimal solution both for the future of the debtor, in the business and the interest of creditors in recovering their claims, following specific activities:

  • Coordination and oversight of operations in the procedure;
  • Identifying and analyzing the main risk factors;
  • Drawing cash and pay statements;
  • Drawing up the debt table and summoning the creditors' meeting;
  • Identifying possible points of economic recovery and drawing up the reorganization plan;
  • Recovery of claims and reintegration of patrimony of companies under insolvency proceedings;
  • Inventory, expertise, audit and valuation of assets held by insolvency / reorganization / bankruptcy;
  • Conceiving the strategy and plan to capitalize assets held by insolvency / reorganization / bankruptcy;
  • Asset revaluation (this is done under market conditions, with an efficient marketing network available) and the distribution of the amounts obtained to the creditors, according to the debt table;
  • Completing and drawing up the balance sheet and the final balance of liquidation.