Our office can help you get / regain Romanian citizenship in the shortest time. in accordance with the legal provisions.
In this regard, we offer:

  • legal expertise and consultancy for drawing up the file on obtaining Romanian citizenship;
  • specialized assistance and consultancy in order to submit the documentation to the National Authority for Citizenship for foreign citizens who request the acquisition of Roman citizenship in Law no. 21/1991, republished and modified;
  • completing the citizenship file if it is incomplete;
  • • writing and registering requests for the rectification of Orders issued by the President of the National Authority for Citizenship if they contain material errors regarding the identification data of the person to whom the citizenship has been granted;
  • • representation in court if the application for acquisition / recovery of Roman acetynamics is rejected / acknowledged negatively / exceeds the legal term for granting.

also, getting our lawyers handle civil status documents, and any other acts, from all over the country, for completing the application for obtaining the Romanian citizenship. We shall represent the completion of, deposit and Case.