Our office: , - elaborates legal opinions;;

- provides legal support and legal representation before the courts or other jurisdictional bodies (authorities and institutions) under the law;

- offers legal consultation services, writing and / or providing to the client, by any means, as appropriate, legal advice and information on issues requested to be analyzed;

- elaborates matrimonial Convention, parenting agreement ;

- prepares the draft for legal documents (contracts, conventions, statutes, etc) and assists the client in negotiations relating thereto;

- elaborates applications, addresses, notes, memorandums to the authorities, institutions and other legal entities;

- gives professional hosting service for the head office and we will allow you to incorporate your company fast, by reducing to the full potential the required procedures. In this situation, you will no longer need a property deed, as appropriate, neighbours approval or the head office space destination certificate from the Financial Administration;

- other activities provided by Law 51/1995 on the organization and the profession of lawyer.