Master in Business Law, litigant, specializing in private law litigation, as well as in public law (fiscal-administrative, etc), judicial liquidator, with experience gained in numerous causes and projects, with a wide view on the areas of law, Av. The Tamara Lenz Office offers:

  • legal assistance and representation in commercial cases, insolvency and liability of administrators, civil law, intellectual property, forced execution, actions for finding, actions in the claim, actions of owners, successions and shares, outgoing individuals, actions for repairing the damage caused by touching the life privacy, honor, dignity or image of a person
  • consultancy, mediation, legal assistance and representation in litigation concerning marriage, childbirth and protection of minors;
  • assistance and legal representation before arbitration courts, national and international.

Legal assistance in view of:

  • contesting decisions on abusive dismissal and sanctioning decisions;
  • the recovery of unpaid salary rights;

We, also offer:

  • legal assistance in obtaining work permits / work permits for foreign citizens, EU sau Non-EU;
      • assistance and legal representation before the General Inspectorate for Immigration, Ministry of Education, the Municipal Agency for Employment, the Financial Administration);
      • legal assistance to obtain material / moral damages following road accidents.
      • legal assistance regarding the activities of companies ;
      • assistance in negotiations for the conclusion of commercial contracts;
      • full assistance in setting up or amending companies' constitutive documents ;
      • legal assistance in connection with the dissolution, liquidation or bankruptcy of companies ;
      • Formulate legal opinions on your areas . of interest.
      • civil law, including complaint action, refund action, possesory claim, action for recovery damages caused by affecting the privacy, honor, dignity or image of a person,
      • assistance and representation before the Romanian courts, Romanian and international arbitration courts
      • commercial and corporate law

    We offer Preventive legal advice and assistance in all types of commercial transactions,

        • drafting / analyzing contracts for sale-purchase, lease agreements;
        • establishment of societies (S.R.L, S.R.L-D, S.A., P.F.A, I.I.)

    Legal assistance in the recovery of debts:

      • drafting notifications;
      • the prior conciliation procedure;
      • payment order procedure;
      • commercial process of claims / damages created (common law actions);
      • enforcement.